Review: “Culture Shock” EP by Convulsions

Released on 31st March 2017, “Culture Shock” by Reno Nevada downtempo Deathcore crew Convulsions is a five track EP designed to put the band on the map. The quartet comprising vocalist Tyler Pfiefer, guitar wielding duo Jimmy Cooper and Junior Martinez alongside drummer Draven Carter have been quietly building towards their second release via Imminence Records, with their debut full-length album finishing writing and entering pre-production in February. New single “Bodied” dropped earlier in August and was so impressive we decided to revisit “Culture Shock” for a review.

The eerie laughter looped introduction builds a dark atmospheric akin to entering the mind of a serial killer before a brutal roar from Pfiefer over Deathcore riffage and a slow, pounding and edgy drum fill as “Intolerance” delivers in full on crushing style. The wet, gravelly vocal and eerie off kilter lead guitars help create a groove as the song uses a slow-fast-slow style, bringing the downtempo to the chorus and driving the verse. “Dilemma” switches from Tech-Metal infused guitars to scuccato chug rythems, highlighted by those off kilter downtuned leads. Taking inspiration perhaps from some Metallic Hardcore, the barked vocak change up is a classy touch. “Scum Staunch” sees the first of a pair of guest vocal performances with Jordan LeGore of King (aka xKINGx) picking up a microphone. Increasing the tension and sense of unease with the twin guitar layering and almost buring the second guitar in the mix in places to create a buried electronic feel and make the primary guitar stand up heavier is a mark of genius. The slow groove has so much headbang-ability it will make anyone sweat in a challenge while lyrically pointing the finger before raising the clenched fist.

“Product of the Lost” sees the second guest vocal appearance with Davis Rider of Immortalist. Convultions throw in some Rage Against The Machine Tom Morello trademark guitar scratchings across the opening verse underpinned by a heavy, pounding Deathcore groove. The higher pitched chorus lines are perfectly balanced off by the brutal growl. An almost tribal drum section adds an alterbaalte groove before the closing verse. Title track “Culture Shock” tears in at pace before slowing into the bands trademark pace after the opening verse and a some lead riff work. Convulsions question who you are to judge them with a lyrical battering ram that begs you to bring assualt charges. Showing off their ability to blend tempo to great effect, the band save the best of what is a stunning EP to last. [8/10]

Track listing

  1. “Intolerance”
  2. “Dilemma”
  3. “Scum Staunch” Ft. Jordan LeGore of King (aka xKINGx)
  4. “Product of the Lost” Ft. Davis Rider of Immortalist
  5. “Culture Shock”

“Culture Shock” by Convulsions is out now via Imminence Records

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