Bootleg: Slipknot on Jimmy Kimmel!

It kind of goes without saying that the Slipknot tracks performed live and aired on the Jimmy Kimmel show would be online in a matter of hours. The surprise is that the band performed single “All Out Life” alongside “Unsainted” which appeared earlier this week, even though the song doesn’t feature on the track list for their upcoming new album “We Are Not Your Kind”. That will appear via Roadrunner Records on 9th August…

“We Are Not Your Kind” shapes up as follows;

1. “Insert Coin”
2. “Unsainted”
3. “Birth Of The Cruel”
4. “Death Because Of Death”
5. “Nero Forte”
6. “Critical Darling”
7. “Liar’s Funeral”
8. “Red Flag”
9. “What’s Next”
10. “Spiders”
11. “Orphan”
12. “My Pain”
13. “Not Long For This World”
14. “Solway Firth”


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