NEWS: The Five Hundred return with “Black Dogs”!

Nottingham downtuned riff masters The Five Hundred have returned with a track entitled “Black Dog” produced by Justin Hill (SiKth, Hacktivist), which marks their first since 2018’s “Bleed Red“. It’s available over at bandcamp  with Long Branch Records promoting a video created with the help of Richard Oakes at Dark Fable Media.

Vocalist John Woods-Eley comments: “When you are suffering from mental health issues, you are completely alone in your head, standing on the edge, descending into the darkness. No one can jump inside you and help you fight your demons… you’re just on your own. We live on a beautiful planet but an ugly world, surrounded by breath-taking beauty, but all we want to do is set it on fire… that depresses, terrifies and angers me in equal measures. Look around us at what we have created. Plagues, floods, and fires. You can’t make this s*** up, it’s f***ing biblical!”

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