NEWS: H2Ocean sign with Wormholedeath Records for “The Horned Goddess”!

George Katsamakis’ Groove Thrash Metal solo project H2Ocean has officially signed with Wormholedeath Records for debut album “The Horned Goddess“. The album has been the better part of four years in the making with 11th September set as a release date and while the guitar work is all his, he teamed up with some local musicians to fill in on the other instruments in order to cut out the need for programming. The first single from the record has also been unveiled today in the form of “The Chain“!

George Katsamakis comments: ““H2Ocean is very proud of signing with Wormholedeath Records and entering a team of awesome artists and bands. This is a great next step and having the people of Wormholedeath along, is going to make it even better!! “The Chain” is a powerful song and everyone can relate to this in one way or another. It has to do with the impact we have on each other and the battle between our body and mind, which on the one hand keeps us here but on the other restrains us so much.

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