NEWS: Messora open “The Door”!

Montreal Progressive Death Metallers Messora have created a music video for the title track of their October released album “The Door“. Produced entirely by the band and a group of friends, the conception and production of the video was a massive undertaking for them.

On the single vocalist/guitarist Zach Dean comments: “It is a collection of imagery and aesthetics meant to reflect and enhance the sounds and themes of “The Door”. We are extremely pleased and proud to be able to share it today.”

Moving on to the album: “I am trying to present fans with a record that you listen to front to back and come out of feeling different. Maybe not even different, maybe just more like yourself. The album as a whole is very varied musically while remaining focused and tight. It’s very clearly a metal album but you can hear that we want to go to different places and incorporate different influences throughout the record. Most of the songs are very long and have very complicated structures and changes, but it’s always meant to feel right and musical rather than abrupt and meaningless.”

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