NEWS: Threering premier non album single “Pneumothorax”!

Las Vegas Nevada’s Threering have taken a detour and premiered a music video for a song that doesn’t appear on their freshly recorded but with no release date set yet album “In The Absence Of Fear“. Entitled “Pneumothorax“, it takes a look at the state of the US in 2020, with the band stating that this is very much a stand alone single that wouldn’t fit the album, which they’ve given us the cover art and track listing for at all… Good job they don’t live in Iran…

Here’s that track listing…

1. No One Here Gets Out Alive
2. Sew Up Our Eyes
3. Know When to Burn
4. Every Time
5. Black Hate Crown
6. I Am No Angel
7. Isolation
8. To the Sky
9. We’re All for Sale
10. King of the Worms

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