NEWS: Winter Nights return to “Withdrawls”!

July maybe the middle of summer but when it comes to Death Metal from New York, it’s always got to be Winter Nights. Which is why we’re still listening to the bands self titled sophomore album which we reviewed back then, with its delectable heavy and somber notes, a worthy follow up to the spine tingling “An Endless Apocalypse”. The band themselves have shared a lyric video for “Withdrawls“, while you can snap up the album here.

vocalist and guitarist Jeremy Farfan explains the message behind the song and video:  “When this song was written. It was a weird time as I just had ankle surgery and was laying in a hospital bed hopped up on painkillers staring at the rain smashing against the window while in serious pain. The idea behind it came from not wanting to deal with the immediate post-surgery pain. Withdrawal from life in general. In the weeks to come, I was blessed to have my amp stack at home and spent most days jamming out while barely being mobile. This song was conjured and as soon as I returned to the studio rehearsal, it ultimately flowed like water from the first note we played…” 

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