NEWS: Entheogen introduce “Fade In” with lyrical dissection!

…with a partial video produced, shot and edited by Lars Grote of shift video productions, Belgian quartet Entheogen have created an introduction piece for “Fade In“, a song which appears on their debut 2020 EP “Other World“. We interviewed the Progressive Metal band from Gent who carry influences from Death, Doom and even Black Metal within their hearts a couple of weeks back and it looks as though a full video is forthcoming…

Laurens De Cock (guitar and vocals) comments: “The song Fade In is mainly written by Keivan [Valamanesh (guitar)]. The song concept and idea are about overcoming depression. When the song was shaped by the band by adding extra layers, solos and structure, the vocals came in. We decided that yes, vocals would be a must for this song. The lyrics themselves exist out of two parts. The first part describes a hopeless situation, the imprisonment in your own mind, which depression brings. The urge for mental patterns of self destruction. The second part is the entrance of hope. A point of light is seen, a possible future where the current situation would be overcome. The lyrics conclude in the breakdown of the song, where the decision is made to take life in completely and take responsibility for personal mental state. We decide to fight inner conflict and choose life. This choice is manifested in the final instrumental section of the song

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