NEWS: Åskog premier “Tid” from their debut album “Varþnaþer”!

Swedish black metal duo Åskog has teamed up with Black Metal Promotion to unveil the animated lyric video for the new single, Tidfrom their upcoming debut full-length, “Varþnaþer”. Set for 12th May 2021 via Grind to Death Records (CD) and Leviaphonic Records (digital) alongisde vinyl and cassette release by Corrupted Flesh Records which should land on 25th June, it follows their debut EP offering “Varg” which Adam Chapman and Lars Hansson consider to be merely a prelude to insanity.

Åskog comments on the track: “The song ‘Tid’ (Time) creates a grandiose atmosphere with its driving rhythm and soaring background vocals, also embracing a more traditional verse/chorus structure. The lyrics are more abstract, dealing with the theme of being lost.”

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