NEW: The Heartland Collective share “My Deepest Darkest Friend”!

A captivating solo project brought to you by British songwriter, Mick Johnson, a musician and producer with a wealth of experience and adventure within the music scene, The Heartland Collective sees him lean on talented musicians from around the globe to fulfill his visions. For their latest single.”My Deepest Darkest Friend” which blends the Gothic Type O Negative and the country of Johnny Cash, drums were recorded in Newcastle, the guitars recorded in Quito, Ecuador, backing vocals done in Canada, and the track was mixed in Chicago, USA…

Mick Johnson elaborates about the influence behind the song: “We all need a friend sometimes, no matter how deep and dark they may be. ‘My Deepest Darkest Friend’, is a gothic, post punk opera, in the spirit of Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode and Royal Blood. The single is a brutal and beautiful tale about the ever-present battle of good and evil within all of us. The track inspired me to create the character ‘VEX RYAN’, an angelic antihero with one foot in heaven and one foot firmly in hell! The music video hopefully introduces and explores Vex’s complex personality. Vex Ryan will also be the persona that will feature as part of a larger concept for the next couple of singles

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