NEWS: Inhuman Architects create “Vortex”!

Portuguese deathcore newcomers Inhuman Architects have just unleashed another track from their forthcoming debut full-length album “Paradoxus” set for 16th July via Vicious Instinct Records. Formed in 2020 by Fábio Infante (Vocals) and Fábio Azevedo (Guitars), who received much attention for “Interplanetary Suffering” the band were fleshed out with Susana Gamito (bass) and Marcus Reis (drums) and from what we’ve heard so far from the album have masterfully executed a lethal and brutal form of Deathcore, inspired by genre pioneers Rings of Saturn and Despised Icon.

The band offers some insight into “Vortex“: “As the title suggests it’s about a multidimensional Vortex that appears before planet Earth that is about to swallow it. It follows the concept of the album, the final exit for mankind which has been self-destructing for ages, now even more through nuclear warfare, as the ancient beings, our forefathers, return to this planet to reclaim it and erase this failed creation, cleansing humanity and restoring balance within the galaxy.

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