NEWS: Autokrator start “The Great Persecution”!

French Doom Death Black Metal duo Autokrator announces the details of their fourth full length studio album, “Persecution“, slated for release on 5th November via Krucyator Productions. A concept release, the album serves as a distressing narrative of the persecution of Christians during the Roman Empire, continuing to recreate the violent episodes from the past. Once again, using historical incidents as the album theme the band use the reigns of Marcus Aurelius, Diocletian, Domitian, and Trajan as inspiration,  conjuring up the cruel and dreadful sufferings of the victims — decapitation, execution, lapidation, damnatio ad bestias, dislocation, imprisonment or simply banishment to harsh barren wastelands.

Guitarist/bassist Loïc Fontaine comments: “‘The Great Persecution’ is a song about the Diocletianic persecution of the Christians. Diocletian drafted four edicts which lead to destructions of cult places, deprivation of some rights, arrests, tortures, sacrifices.

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