NEWS: Headwreck share their Eulogy!

A second single from the forthcoming debut EP, “Glamorise Demise” from Brisbane Post-Hardcore four piece Headwreck has surfaced as the clock ticks down on the time bomb of its 19th November release. Following first single “Freefall” that gained a lot of attention when it appeared way back in February, new cut  “Eulogy” finds vocalist Connor Hickman battling his demons during struggles with anxiety based disassociation…

Vocalist Connor Hickman comments: “The lyrics of the EP revolve around my experience dealing with an anxiety dissociative disorder known as Depersonalisation-Derealisation Disorder (DPDR). The lyrics of the EP tell the story of my initial symptoms, a false diagnosis and the aftermath of finally coming to terms with this, and having an answer for the reality warping feelings I had, and still have to this day

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