Review: “We All Will Die One Day” by Bone Tower

A project started in early 2021 in Atlantic Canada between seasoned musicians Jonas DeViller (vocals, electronics, lyrics), Sean Carroll (guitar, bass), and Michael Bowers (guitar, bass, vocals) with the sole purpose of creating a cathartic release for built up negative energy that vents all of their frustrations saw Bone Thrower not only conceived but able to quickly write and produce their debut EP “We All Will Die One Day” with Bowers recording, mixing and mastering in house. Taking inspiration from power violence bands like Full of Hell and Pig Destroyer and taking a cold hard look at the World that has descended into chaos around them, they’re describing this as just the start…

…and with eight cuts in just over nine minutes, their gift to the dying World is nothing short of brutal. Throwing down the gauntlet to Death Metal bands to play at Grindcore speed, the drum machine is set to supersonic as it delivers abruptly with tremorous blast beats that could never be played by any mortal man with an artillery shelling so brutal there is nothing left but rubble and sand in the war zone they make of your ear drums. The vocals are scathing and urgent with the kind of ferocity that burns flesh from bone with a taunting message wrapped in cryptic lyrics that you will need a magnifying glass and code braking machine to decipher, let alone a lyric sheet. Barbed, razor sharp riffage is the perfect accompaniment for this blink and you’ll miss it affair before the interlude “Cower Away” gives a moment of ugly respite before being thrown headlong into the battery of chugging riffs and feral vocals of the second half of the record. Bending the mind like a dark Art House film that leaves you with a warped sense of reality as if were suffering hallucinations, “Empty Cave” and “The Sun” are a strange and violent pairing that obliterate any idea you may have had about what defines music as any form of rule book is thrown into the fire in preparation for the next searing hot ear drum shattering trauma and send you to into a complete sense of disarray. Each cut here is a complex and changing short, sharp, shock of a listen is made to make you feel unconformable and that is exactly what this does [7/10]

Track listing

1. Dislodging Splinters (01:13)
2. Am I Conscious (01:16)
3. Mangled Wounds (01:15)
4. Cower Away (0:38)
5. Under A Veil (01:06)
6. Empty Cave (01:59)
7. The Sun (0:48)
8. We All Will Die One Day (0:50)

We All Will Die One Day” by Bone Tower is out 5th November 2021 via No Funeral Records & Fresh Outbreak Records and is available for pre-order over at bandcamp



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