Exclusive Interview: An Unction in Braille talk “The Wordless Whisper”!

Springfield, Massachusetts Melodic Deathcore quintet An Unction in Braille (meaning “The blessing of a dying person one must feel to understand”) last month only threw down the gauntlet to other genre claimants but raised the flag and buried it firmly in the pile of corpses that they created in getting to debut EP “The Wordless Whisper“. So after reviewing the record, we spoke to them and the conversation went something like this…

As your roots go back as far as 2012, a debut release of any kind has been a long time coming! Does it feel like a weight off of your shoulders to finally have “The Wordless Whisper” released? Yes, very much so. This is something we set out to do in 2017, and then we decided to re-record it. Started the process again in 2019, but our engineer needed time off for his tour. Then we finished up in early 2020. Just prior to the pandemic. We’re just excited everyone finally gets to hear it

In the time between inception and the EP release, you’ve toured up and down the east coast and supported bands in Canada, playing shows with everyone from Sworn Enemy and In Flames and Full Blown Chaos. You must have some great memories from those shows? Stuck on the side of the road lighting fireworks off with Vermont’s very own Crypitus. Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn NY, best venue ever. One memory to say the very least

The EP consists of 5 cuts but there are several demos including “Sea Of Lost” and “Chained In Apathy” floating around in cyberspace, so how many more tracks do you have completed and when can we expect to hear more from you? Yes, the early demos lol. Get em’ now while they’re hot! Soon they’ll be in cybergraves and never to be seen again haha! We have the EP coming out, and would like to tour for it as soon as we can. Our drummer Jacob, joined the Navy and we haven’t found a temporary replacement for live shows just yet. Once we figure that out, we’ll be supporting this EP from the road for a bit. As for any other recordings. Well, you’ll just have to wait and see…

You’ve got a clean vocal part in “Sickening Sweet”, which sounds really good and works for the track. If it wasn’t such a strong clean vocal part it might not have done so, but did you fell like you were taking a risk with that and perhaps lose some purist Deathcore fans? The thought never occurred, we do wtf we want simply. We pushed for a softer breakdown towards the end. Our engineer wanted heavy, so we went heavy

You’ve also go an almost signature calling card of a blast beat section in a lot of your songs from drummer Jacob Lindquist which just sound phenomenal. How did the idea to incorporate those come about?Jacob was heavily influenced by Paul Mazurkiewics (Cannibal Corpse) and Lee Stanton (Thy Art Is Murder), which typically feature a lot of that stuff in their music. He works hard as what he does

What’s next for An Unction in Braille? Second EP will be under way once this one is settled from the air. More touring. Then we will be organizing a full length, and possibly a split documentary with our guys in Crypitus. And yes, more touring

“The Wordless Whisper” by An Unction in Braille is out now and available over at bandcamp

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