NEWS: Wreck-Defy get offended…

A year after Canadian Thrash Metal act Wreck-Defy dropped their last full length “Powers That Be” they’re set to return with another gargantuan offering in “The World Enslaved“. The departure of former Annihilator singer Aaron Randall means first single “Fashionably Offended” is an introduction to new man Greg “Wags” Wagner (ex-Archetype, ex-Shatter Messiah) from a band of seasoned veterans that include former members of Testament and for the album we won’t have to wait long, 1st December is the date via Doc Gator Records.

Vocalist Matt Hanchuck comments: “The songs for “The World Enslaved” came together very quickly. I had a lot of riffs left over from the llast batch of songs from the “Powers That Be” record and quite honestly, with the way that the world was everything shut down, unable to play, unable to travel for the longest time. I just immersed myself in writing and got knee deep into process of creating the fourth Wreck-Defy-album. The lyrics for the new album were steeped in reality. For the most part there are some fantasy derived components but for the most part given the state of the world. The government corruption, the tyranny, the lies, the falsehoods and the greed. There was no shortage of topics for me to write about. The songs were written, arranged and recorded probably over about a three month period

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