NEWS: Hadal Maw share a new nightmare?

As if the recent spate of playthrough videos for cuts from new EP “Oblique Order” wasn’t enough, Australian Death Metal Heavyweights Hadal Maw have made the nightmarish vision depicted in “Future Eaters” a cinematic reality with a music video of the highest order Filmed at DCF Studios. The new EP followed up 2018’s “Charlatan” with four brand new violent cuts that have been available since the turn of the year for disturbing listening…

The band comment: ““PRAYER WONT RAISE THE SELF-DEFEATED, GOD WONT WEEP FOR FUTURE EATERS”. We consume like there’s no tomorrow, believing our feast is infinite. We are in danger of eating our future, while naively passing blame or offering prayer and faith instead of action. We are the snake eating itself, time to sever the head! Utilising the lucid minds and eyes of guitarist Nick Rackham and long time Hadal Maw collaborator Ian Ritter, “Future Eaters” births 3 characters that embody hollow faith, devilish greed and inevitable plague using the bands frontman Sam Dillon as their vessel to nightmarish effect.”

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