NEWS: Ruled By Raptors dance in the silent disco?

Returning to the tried and trusted, Newcastle Post-Hardcore outfit Ruled By Raptors opted to enter Longwave Studio in Cardiff with Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me the Horizon, Motorhead, Funeral for a Friend) who mastered their debut EP “Ourobouros” to record their sophomore effort “Silent Sound“. That’s set for 15th July with single “Dance Of Wolves” showcasing a heavier and more contagious sound. Not a Kevin Costner joke in sight…


Vocalist and guitarist, Chris Bradley, comments about the EP: “You can only write about what you know. I usually write quite literally, but this time I wanted to use more descriptive writing and metaphor, as I felt it more suited the content of the songs. The name Silent Sound is something we all felt was fairly apt for both the mental health and the political aspects of the EP and derives from the lyrics of Oxy’s Moron.

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