Review: “2022 EP” by Turn Cold

Drawing on influences from Old School Thrash Metal acts like Krator and Slayer and combining that with a love of Cro-Mags and Power Trip provide Atlanta, Georgia Thrash Metal quintet Turn Cold with the backbone of their sound. Formed in 2020, they made an impact with 2021 debut “Break Your Faith” and now follow it up with the oddly titled “2022 EP“, a second set of three cuts as they earn the right to remain violent on the road. Engineered, mixed and mastered by CJ Ridings, while the title suggests this is a promo, it sounds anything but ..

An old school asthetic with flavours of “Master of Puppets” era Metallica introduces first cut “The Leash” which delivers an onslaught of darkness as the thoughts of disturbed anguish spill out from a troubled mind. Thundering percussion enhances the dramatic dynamic, giving it a hard hitting impact, the Old School Thrash vibes given a modern cutting edge thanks to modern production quality. The rumbling bass of “An Open Eye” takes hold before a classic whammy bar drop solo sweeps through the parade like a bull in a China shop, shattering every item in the joint before cracking an evil grin. There is even time for a classy pick slide moment before the closing of this all out assault on the senses. Turning up the heat and intensity a few notches, “Poltergeist” drives home the coffin nails as an apparition of an otherworldly power set to destroy all in its path. The band pull out a ripper of a solo and leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of all out devastation so all that is left is a pile of ash and dust on the ground waiting to be swept away. A classic slice of Old School Thrash from the darker side, for some this will be a pure nostalgia trip while for others it will be a gateway into the murky waters of the post Vietnam War era… [7/10]

Track Listing

  1. The Leash
  2. An Open Eye
  3. Poltergeist

2022 EP” by Turn Cold is out now and available over at bandcamp

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