NEWS: Omega Diatribe premier “My Sphere”!

Celebrating a decade of aggression, Hungarian multi-award winning Extreme Groove Metal pioneers Omega Diatribe are back with a new EP titled “My Sphere“. Mixed, mastered & co-produced by the legendary Danish Metal producer Tue Madsen (Heaven Shall Burn, Meshuggah, Cold Snap) at Antfarm Studios, the record contains the brand new title track, a reissue for their break-out tune ‘Molecular Torsion‘ from their full-length debut album ‘Iapetus‘ and a pair of remixes by the Hungarian Electro-Metalhead music producer dOTS for ‘Parallel‘ & ‘Coronal Mass Ejection‘ from the fourth Omega Diatribe record ‘Metanoia‘. The aforementioned title track has also been given a full music video for your viewing pleasure…

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