NEWS: Despite Exile seek the light…

Kontrolla Music Group will be releasing the third album “Wound” from Italian Post-Deathcore collective Despite Exile on 2nd December, an eleven track affair described by the band as a meditation on fragility, solitude and the virtues of acknowledging and overcoming trauma. The band have shared “A Pale Glimmer of Light” from that with pre-orders available here.

A few words from the band: “A Pale Glimmer of Light” is one of the last songs we’ve written for the album. As such, it is both an exploration of new sonorities and a distillation of our own style. It’s a deeply emotional track, sustained by Jei’s pained vocal performance, ethereal atmospheres and a slower but unforgiving pace, delving deeper into the themes that run through the album: how can we be united by solitude? How can loss and vulnerability make us stronger? How can we find the courage to act amidst all this despair? It’s all about following the slightest bit of light, however faint, that filters through the darkness

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