NEWS: Three times a charm for Nvmeral with “SOL”!

A fly on the wall style video for the third single from Post Hardcore newbies Nvmeral has given us a look at their rehearsal space as they follow up the one-two jab of that Stranger Things inspired Kate Bush cover and first single “Parry” with one titled “SOL“. It finds frontman Ricky Taylor looking inwardly and exploring his mental health but don’t call it anything Nu…

Describing the writing process and progression of the band’s first two singles Ricky Taylor comments: “Parry was about the constant battle of wanting to be alone, away from everyone, but at the same time being lonely so wanting company and never being able to find the balance. It was about thinking of the worst possible option to find happiness.

SOL came together around the same time but the track sees Taylor striking a hopeful tone: “It’s about being in the same dark place for. years but over time, discovering ways of living with it the best way possible; forming coping mechanisms over time which in turn have changed my character

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