NEWS: Iron Kingdom call for armistice?

Including footage from their shows at The Rickshaw Theatre and The Wise Hall in Vancouver Canada almost a year apart, Traditional Metal quartet Iron Kingdom have released a lyric video for “Sheathe The Sword” from their recently deceased new album “The Blood Of Creation” for your viewing pleasure. The record has appeared as the band celebrate a decade together having formed in 2011 and is inspired by legendary pillars of heavy metal such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. You can of course find out more over at bandcamp.

The band comments on the single: “We were looking to do something pretty fast and driving, and once we had the ideas for the first couple of riffs we knew it had to be about Lan Mandoragon – the uncrowned king of a lost and scattered kingdom and is highly respected by neighbouring kingdoms who recognize him as the battle lord of the borderlands. Musically this song is a speedy, driving power metal tune in the vein of early Hammerfall. “Sheathe The Sword” is a warrior’s last chance at victory, but that victory comes with a heavy cost.”

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