Playthrough: “fl0w” from Vaughanstrosity!

Time for some split screen action from Vaughanstrosity next as So Long Until The Séance bassist Ruaidhri Houston continues the party around his forthcoming solo endeavour “Memes And Dreams” with a guitar and bass playthrough for first single “fl0w“. The record drops on 27th January and finds him joined by Brett Martin of Nømadus on drums while good friend Ethan Beatie from EB and The Deadlights lends his throat to “When The Party Ends“…

The comment: “A quick play through of the first single on my Legator Guitars NB5F (Stevie Thiccx) and Ninja 200 (big red).  Just me playing along to a pre recorded track but in case anyone is looking to cover, audio by JSR Audio. I’m stlll learning video editing please don’t judge me to much on editing here! Yes those are the guitars nick names, and yes there will be more in the future!


Camera: Canon EOS M50 MKii

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