Exclusive Interview: Furthest From The Light talk “Sacrament Of The Sick”!

What happens when you take a myriad of mutual influences, apply pressure to form a diamond, crush the diamond and drink the residual powder like a milkshake? When you get out of A&E having had millions of tiny shards of precious stone removed from your body, you’re left with a desire to play the kind of hybrid sounds that others wouldn’t dare to dream of. Death Metal meets Metallic Hardcore? Why not? Tracked and mixed at Bricktop Recording by Andy Nelson (Foreign Hands, Ether Coven, Wristmeetrazor)  and mastered Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Mindforce, Drug Church), “Sacrament Of The Sick” marks the second record from Chicago based quartet Furthest From The Light. Dragged into the spotlight, vocalist Thomas Sobczynski, guitarist Ryan Zuidema and bassist Evan Dale squeal like suspects in the FBI interrogation room…

How have you found the reaction to “Sacrament Of The Sick” so far?

Tom: “It has been solid so far. I’d say we have received generally positive feedback”

You describe yourselves as playing Death Metal and Metallic Hardcore which is exactly what “Sacrament Of The Sick” is; what’s the strangest description of your bands sound you’ve heard from other people?

Tom: “I would actually say the comparison to Stone Temple Pilots was most surprising. We find everyone’s different interpretations to be really cool. It’s exciting to hear”

Evan: “I don’t know I just play bass”

If we are made up of our genes and our influences, what is in your jeans and who would you consider your influences?

Tom: “Bands like Trap Them, Black Breathe, Harms Way, Heirophant, Mammoth Grinder, Revocation, Mortality Rate, Nails, Ringworm, Jesus Piece, Xibalba, Gatecreeper. That’s just the modern heavy shit that got us wanting to play this specific dirty style. The list could go on”

Ryan: “Yeah, everything Tom said with an extra dose of old school thrash and death metal for me. We grew up listening to the same bands and exchanging music with one another on a constant basis, so I think it’s safe to say we’re pretty much pulling from the same set of influences consistently”

Evan: “Type O Negative”

You played your first live show just over 12 months ago and yet have managed to share stages with Death Before Dishonor, Xeons and Plague Years in that short space of time. Do you feel like things are in the best possible place right now or are you still hungry for more?

Tom: “It’s been really great to play with bands we are fans of such as Cruel Hand, Year Of The Knife, Plague Years, and Break The Cycle. We are definitely hungry to play more shows and get more ears on our music. It can be difficult since we really can’t tour due to us all having full time jobs but we will keep doing what we can to stay in the scene and get our name out there”

Evan: “Well I’m just the bass player so…”

If the option came up next time around, who would you like to bring into the studio with you as a guest?

Tom: “Very hard question. Maybe Jess Nyx from Mortality Rate because her screams are some of my favorites”

Evan: “Peter Steele is God”

What’s next for Furthest From The Light?

Tom: “More music and more shows. We have albums worth of tracks ready to go so stay tuned”

Sacrament Of The Sick” by Furthest From The Light is out now and available over at bandcamp

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