NEWS: Asylence ascend for eternity?

Hailing from Detroit Michigan, Asylence (uh-sigh-lence, a hybrid of the words Asylum and Silence, when joined together, present a universal idea and timeless message: The constant suffering and failures of mankind) are preparing to unveil a new album in “Endanger Us All” on 24th February. Comprising nine tracks of Melodic Death Metal with hints of Groove that have been produced, mixed and mastered by guitarist Aaron Lumsden, the band have shared a new single from it in “Eternity Please“…


The band dives into details about the song: “The lyrics tell a tale of a king who wanders his halls with no question to his reign but still he suffers. Heavy and lonely is the crown, and the years can feel like an eternity alone. We wanted to continue to show off the newer material and this one starts off as heavy as you could ever want. Definitely a blend of old influences and the newer direction we’re taking, this song was a challenge to write but we couldn’t be more proud. This song is the perfect representation of the direction we want to continue for our music

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