NEWS: Down by the river with Wildeornes…

Australian Blackened Doom Metal act Wildeornes have announced their fourth album “On the Earth, Under the Sky” will be rolling out on 30th April, however all is not as it at first seems. A concept record of nine cuts,  tracks 1-5 are new and tracks 6-9 are reworked songs from the 2021 album “G​æ​ð wyrd a swa hio scel​.​.​.” continuing their lyrical exploration of eastern and western existential philosophy, deep ecology, Celtic, Anglo Saxon and Norse mythologies. That may sound like a mouthful but we recommend checking out first single “Mouth of the River” to hear what it’s all about

The band comments: “Although it’s taken longer than we anticipated, we are over the moon with the final product. We tracked this album and did a lot of the mixing ourselves, with Dav Byrne (YLVA, Agonhymn, Clagg, Terrorust, Iridium Audio and all-round top bloke), helping us bring the songs to life and adding his impeccable attention to detail to the overall production and mastering. Kieran Tyrell (Fallout, Demon Other) provided custom artwork to provide the visual aesthetic to match the concept. 

It’s great to see songs from G​æ​ð wyrd a swa hio scel​.​.​.getting a new life after the pandemic. We didn’t have much chance to collaborate in 2021, so we’ve re-tracked some drums, vocals and leads to bring these songs up to speed with the new ones. Plus we did almost everything ourselves on that album, where this one has a professional mix and master. The results are an exponential increase in heaviness to already heavy tunes. Like all bands have been saying: the last few years have been tough, and this new album is deeply personal for us

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