NEWS: Vision Deprived erase the mind?

Italian apocalyptic death metal act Vision Deprived are streaming a new single in “Mind Eraser Body” which just so happens to be the third preview of their debut album “Self Elevating, Deep Inside The Void”. That will see release on 28th March via Slaughterhouse Records and has been described as 10 songs of claustrophobic and relentless riffs and hopeless lyrics for a 30 minute visceral trail from the mind of  Carlo Altobelli, producer and sound engineer at the Toxic Basement Studio (Cripple Bastards, Insanity Alert, Black Oath). He’s joined by a collection of musicians known for their work in Greedy Mistress, Moral Values, Cain, Bang Bangalow, End, Forged In Blood and Ephyra for the purpose of blending old school US Death Metal with Grindcore and Death Thrash…

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