NEWS: Yotuma warn of wandering in the wilderness?

Produced by Evan Yoakum at Red Shed Records (The Fall Sound, Falling Flat, Thundegoat) and Mixed and Mastered by Russell Hollar (Born In Blood, Concrete Colossus, Persecution Complex) at Nomad Recording Studios the upcoming new EP “Otherworldly Incarnate” from Madison Wisconsin Death Metal act Yotuma has given up its first single in “The Traveler“. Due out later this year to follow their 2021 debut album “Age of Acrimony” and spanning seven cuts for seven deadly sins, Ryan McAleavy (Vocals), Ella Rose (Bass), Ben Van (Guitar), and Brevin Becker (Drums) (ex-Squidhammer) have cited a plethora of influences in genres ranging from Death to Progressive and even Thrash Metal going into it…

“Traveler started with inspiration from Tool’s Lateralus track and Mudvayne’s Dig for the bass riffing. As soon as we finalized the structure and riffs for it, we knew it was going to be received well. This was the second song we wrote in the EP and we tried to keep it straightforward and catchy. Otherworldly Incarnate is going to be a powerhouse of seven songs all with different approaches to its songwriting. We experimented with our writing processes while still keeping the energy and power that the fans love. We absolutely love how this record turned out. Evan Yoakum did a phenomenal job recording this EP and Russell Hollar nailed the mix and master. This EP really captures our vision with the tracks sounding raw and gritty while staying tight and polished. We feel like we’ve raised the bar for our next release and are sure to continue to strive for bigger, better, and more impressive bangers.” says the band.

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