Review: “Self Elevating, Deep Inside The Void” by Vision Deprived

Having escaped the Asylum of Toxic Basement Studio where he is known for his work as a producer and sound engineer, Carlo Altobelli (Cripple Bastards, Insanity Alert, Black Oath) assembled a motley crew of like minded musicians known for their prior convictions in Greedy Mistress, Moral Values, Cain, Bang Bangalow, End, Forged In Blood and Ephyra. To them he presented a blueprint, a formulation for a crime against humanity, mixing 90s American Death Metal inspirations with grim and dystopian imagery. The four agreed the path forward for Vision Deprived and then set about their dastardly deeds, returning to Altobelli’s iconic studio capture the insanity. Knowing that a picture can speak a thousand words they summoned Francesca Vecchio to create suitably fitting artwork…

Many will know those who form Vision Deprived by the trail of the dead left in their wake, their prior works speaking volumes about what this band could achieve together. Primarily driven by Altobelli from the drum stool this first sacrifice to the Gods of Death Metal serves as the foundation, ten razor sharp cuts of claustrophobic atmospherics with relentless riffs and restless percussive battery, a revenge on an unsuspecting populous best served at brain haemorrhaging volume. “Massacre Of The Truth” begins the identity parade with a whirlwind of thunderous kit work and throat splitting vocals while also packing a seismic amount of groove as the band dance with the periphery of the genre with hints of Grindcore influence. “Deeper” follows suit, as bludgeoning as a brick flight, soaked in blast beats and frantic riffs, the performance slick with tight musicianship but not over polished so you’ll be banging your head on the very first listen. Despite being only 162 seconds, “Pledge Allegiance” confirms that it is possible to build ominously dark atmospheres filled with tension quickly, a fleeting moment of dark melody brought to an abrupt end as it is severed before it can infect. That allows “Overturning Events” to go full throttle and perforate the ear drums with something instantly gratifying as the band play with tempo changes with slick transitions to create something that crushes from all angles. Sinister and menacing it also has wider appeal with a groove laden punch that is remorseless in its actions. The last thing that anyone wants from a Death Thrash cold brew infusion like this a soft centre and a cheesy power ballad and so knowing that the quartet offer “Realm Of Void” which has roots in Stoner Sludge Metal but remains as anvil heavy as anything else they have in their arsenal.

Variety is of course the spice of life and building on the previous cut there are hints of Black Metal influences in “Lifetime Conviction” as it races through at breakneck speed in the kind of style that we want from any future Superjoint Ritual cut. That blood and thunder attitude forms the backbone of the absolute ripper that is “I Am“, a perfectly executed false ending followed by something that gets you in a headlock and charges you head first into traffic is lethal good fun before the deafening feedback that brings the bloodstained curtain down. “Beyond Myself” threatens to knock the moon from its orbit as its brooding opening opens the floor for with a skull battering mid section. The icing on the cake is the bass solo groove of the final moments, something you want to hear more of, like a junkie desperately needing another hit. Fortunately there are a further prized pair with “Mind Eraser Body” being as much fun as you can have without losing a limb. The riffage is urgently violent with a trademark Death Metal edge to an crafty Thrash riff giving it the vibe you expect from from a band destined for Maryland Death Fest. When you’ve created the perfect filling how do ice the cake? The answer is “Randomly Somewhere“, a blast heavy piece of turbulence that drags you through a hedge backwards with its clanky bass of furious torment – and when they bring it back for one final Death Groove breakdown section that resurrects Pantera at their finest, well the jaw drops as fast as the mosh pit fills. If this is the blueprint, we can’t wait to see where they go from here because “Self Elevating Deep Inside The Void” is all the fun of a classic exploitation movie wrapped in Death Thrash violence.

Track Listing

1. Massacre Of The Truth
2. Deeper
3. Pledge Allegiance
4. Overturning Events
5. Realm Of Void
6. Lifetime Conviction
7. I Am
8. Beyond Myself
9. Mind Eraser Body
10. Randomly Somewhere

Self Elevating, Deep Inside The Void” by Vision Deprived is out 28th March 2023 via Slaughter House Records and is available over at bandcamp

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