NEWS: Redshift get animated in entropy!

…with their new album “Laws Of Entropy” due out later this month, an animation from Jon Birch for “Entropy” from Progressive Metal trio Redshift is perfectly timed. A song about the absurdity and the anxiety of an existential crisis, it offers an intriguing glimpse at what the album may have to offer come 28th April…

We can all experience this at some point in our lives and this was an expression of the emotional journey from my personal experience. The words and feelings put into the song come from a place of uncertainty about what I was doing, where I was going, why I had made certain choices, the ones that worked out and the ones that I regret. At the time I wrote the lyrics, I was stuck in a job I didn’t like, single, and hadn’t had a sense of direction as to where I was going. At some points, I could be annoyed with myself and then laugh at myself. Sometimes, I experienced much darker thoughts with the depression I was going through. I managed to see a counselor, which did help me get a better grip on things but at the same time made me feel more peculiar and a bit mad. The end result was Entropy, (nervous breakdown, the musical)” explains lyricist Liam Fear.

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