NEWS: Vortex enjoy Rambo a little too much?

Having given us a pair of well received epic concept albums of orchestral Blackened Melodic Death Metal, Quebec Canadians Vortex are promising something different for their third offering “The Future Remains In Oblivion”. If single “First Blood” is anything to go by then what we’re going to get is soaked in Black Metal influence with each song becoming a chapter from which the music takes its form from a band about to play the Wacken Metal Battle Canada Eastern Final. The record drops on 9th June so consider yourselves warned…

The band comment: “The single is a war and survival song. It has aggressive black metal riffing and vocals in its verses, atmospheric orchestral melodic death in its choruses, huge choirs, epic soloing, it has all what Vortex does at its best. We can’t wait to show how we have evolved since the last album. This is war. The survivors of the cataclysm are coming again, but this time in greater numbers and much more prepared. “This battle brought us our first suffering. In this battle, our first blood, our first deaths’’.”

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