Exclusive Interview: Cult of Sobek talk “Petsuchos”!

The recently deceased debut EP “Petsuchos”, the name taken from that of the live crocodile at Crocodilopolis in Ancient Egypt, which was worshiped as a manifestation of the Egyptian god Sobek, from Edinburgh based Cult of Sobek is a Scottish Doom Metal classic. Recorded and mixed by Tommy Duffin at 16 Ohm Studios Glasgow (Headless Kross, Coffin Mulch) and inspired by the occult and in particular the writings of Crowley and the religion of Thelema, it’s 21 minutes that you need to experience to comprehend. We spoke to the The Cult about what they’ve got going on…

How have you found the reception of Cult of Sobek from those who have seen you live or heard your first burnt offerings? “It’s definitely been quite surreal and intense, as in we’ve only been around playing shows since January and going from opening for Goblinsmoker to recording an EP to headlining to a venue at full capacity to getting signed by Trepanation Recordings has been the most mental experience.”

We’ve described your sound as being “as punishing as nails on a chalkboard” in a good way but what’s the strangest description you’ve heard from elsewhere yourselves? “Some of the stranger descriptions we’ve heard were that we sounded like Tool for Metalheads/ proper prehistoric sonic terror death doom and Gojira if it was doomier.”

If we are made up of our genes and our influences, what is in your jeans and who would you consider your influences? “In my jeans is HOLY FURY, and croc print boxers, influences definitely include Conan, Goblinsmoker, we also highly rate bands from the Norwegian Black Metal scene so Mayhem, Darkthrone, Emperor, as well as Behemoth. Primitive Man and Dopethrone have also been integral to our sound too.”

The Scottish Metal scene is the gift that keeps giving at the moment with bands like Penny Coffin, BrainBath and Cyclops Cataract to name but a few leading the charge for the underground. Have you found the scene a source of inspiration? Who are you looking forward to sharing stages with the most during the EP gigging cycle? “Our local scene is absolutely thriving with all kinds of different bands from low and slow stoner/doom to much more aggressive thrash/death/black metal…bands I’m looking forward to sharing a line-up with this year would definitely include Codespeaker, Exdestrier, Disposable, Extort and definitely Evile. We looked at the more notable bands in the local scene and found a small niche for us in more modern stylings of doom that isn’t as represented up here in the frozen north that we feel we’ve filled quite well.”

What’s the height of ambition for Cult of Sobek at this point in time? Do you see yourselves following Conan to the US in five years if the winds of plague will carry you or would you be more inclined to organising mass worship of the Crocodile God on the European festival circuit? “At the moment playing a different city other than Edinburgh! It’s been our dream to go on tour with such titans like Conan anywhere really, playing the states or doing the European festival circuit would be really cool, but doing a tour of Japan would be right up our street.”

What’s next for Cult Of Sobek? “Next for us is probably to build up a reputation amongst the underground scene in the UK, starting in the north of England so building an audience in places like Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester. We love playing local shows in Scotland but we don’t want people getting bored of us and we want to spread what we’ve creating further afield than sticking to being a big fish in the same pond. Obviously, a big goal is to play London as the doom scene is pretty tasty there.”

Petsuchos” by Cult of Sobek is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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