NEWS: Atria welcome us with “Ground Zero”!

Vocalist Tom Emmans (Odium, Deathpoint, Choices, Scaithe) and guitarist Tim Ross were left the last men standing in Canadian Metalcore act Atria before they started over, bringing in Jerad Sterling (Tortured Saint) on drums, Brody King on lead guitar, and bassist Jake Fortney for new EP “Ground Zero“. Teaming up once again with producer Jon Howard (Threat Signal), they got personal to exorcise the darkness of the mind with a lyrical narrative about the frustrations of life and battling inner demons. A music video for the title track is fresh out of hell’s gate…

Vocalist Tom Emmans comments: “The video was filmed at a place called Light is Art by Joe Lyko from Dark Moon Productions. The song is about the first time you pray and realize that no one is going to answer. Joe captured how terrifying that can be with the lighting by playing off of our image, specifically the contacts. We tried to capture the fear of losing God. We tried to make the scariest video that anyone will see this year.

I find myself in a world that I barely believe in, I try to be hopeful when I can but at the end of the day, we’re all just a little broken. I am expressing the broken side so I can be healthy when I walk off stage. It’s therapeutic and cathartic, but it’s really hard. It comes from a real place and it’s not always fun. Musically, for this record, it’s definitely gotten more aggressive, we always wanted to blend a lot of melodies and an anthemic chorus’ with brutality. I feel like the fans will agree that on this new one, we’ve gotten much better at doing that

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