NEWS: Tenside search the hills for gold?

A fourth single from the forthcoming eighth studio album “Come Alive Dying” from Tenside has bubbled up to the surface in “Pitch & Gold” and as the album itself isn’t due out until 19th January 2024 via Ivorytower Records, it has us wondering just how many more of the twelve cuts will appear before then. The band should need no introductions having spent the past eighteen years headlining tours throughout Europe, the UK, China and Japan bringing Metal to the Masses everywhere from Wacken Open Air to China’s Midi Festival but sometimes it takes a subtle reminder to get the attention…

On the new single, vocalist and guitarist Daniel Kuhlemann comments: “On the hymnal ‘Pitch and Gold’, Tenside momentarily dial it back, delivering clean vocals, atmospheric synths, a melancholic melody, and contemplative lyrics that send shivers down your spine. A socially critical track that thematically connects to the message of the title track, confronting the indifference that we often realise too late, in the intoxication of our senses induced by addictions and dependencies, how narrow the line between glory and misery can sometimes be.”

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