NEWS: Is there still faith and hope for Rough Justice?

Sheffield has become known for producing profound moments in heavy music over the past few decades with Malevolence and While She Sleeps taking to flight and breaking the international scene. Now it seems is the time for Hardcore crew Rough Justice to do likewise with their debut album “Faith In Vain” and the  American touring circuit surely has to be in their sights. A semi biographical affair, the record is interwoven with violent, impactful and introspective moments and “Backwards Mask” the first single. Filmed by Ollie Appleyard at Outbreak Festival 2023, a music video is now live…

Rough Justice comment: “The first single, ‘Backwards Mask’, is a compact piece of classical hardcore songwriting of the highest calibre. The intensity built in the intro is released through an intense yet sophisticated breakdown reminiscent of early Incendiary. This is followed by an opening verse that sees vocalist, James Tippett, deliver a hellish tirade over syncopated guitars. The anger in James’ voice conveys a clear message: ‘Backwards Mask’ is a song about practicing what you preach, highlighting the pervasiveness of outward displays of morality that aren’t substantiated by actual moral action or real care. The band understands that being vocal about things you’re passionate about is important, but that taking practical action to back it up is all the more important.”

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