NEWS: Lune search for beauty in the Silent Planet?

As their EP “The Change Around Us & The Change In You” is set for 10th November via Resist Records, Australian Metalcore lovers Lune have done the decent thing and premiered another single from it. To make lawyers in Iowa twitchy they have chosen a song called “Left Behind” which finds vocalist Nathaniel Smith joined by Garrett Russell of Silent Planet. Pre-orders including vinyl are available here.

Smith explains “Left Behind is a dedication to my band and to my friends. To have a positive outlet and a way to speak through something we made together has given me a great sense of purpose and belonging. When nothing else in the world makes sense, we have a common goal and a way to keep pushing through adversity together. Having Garrett, who I look up to, on our song is such a surreal experience and I’m so thankful for all of his efforts to make this happen. I remember sitting down to listen to his part for the first time and being completely overwhelmed with emotion.”

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