NEWS: Pessimystic streaming title track of upcoming EP “Burnt Offering”!

An experimental style of Death Metal possessed with a Blackened atmosphere to formulate a sound that bridges the chasm between dark, dissonant riffs and hook-focused compositions is what “Burnt Offering” by Pessimystic has in store. Produced by Topon Das at Apt 2 Recording (F*** the Facts, Deformatory, Eclipser), it comprises five cuts with the title track following on from a teaser with intricate chord arrangements, harsh vocals with melodic outbursts and complicated drum patterns perhaps indicating the Canadians have something of an avant-garde nature. Pre-orders for the 24th November releasing record are available over at bandcamp.

The band comment: “‘Burnt Offering’ is about sacrifice through immolation of the self and absorption into absolute unity with God. Instrumentally, this track showcases the diversity of the band’s sound; weaving tense, bewildering dissonance into ominous psychedelia, and finishing with cathartic release. This moment in the record marks the plummeting descent into lunacy, far from the uplifting elements of the first two tracks, and the last trace of melodic respite before what is to come

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