Playthrough: “Ushered By Charon” from Hatred Reigns!

How do you make a playthrough video stand out? Aside from wearing his finest Aborted t-shirt, Hatred Reigns guitarist Jeff Calder is playing “Ushered By Charon” as the sea crashes against the shore in the background. Its like a scene from National Geographic. The track is from the Canadian Death Metal acts concept album “Awaken The Ancients” which dropped at the start of the month.

The band comment: “Awakening to a surreal reality, the protagonist finds themselves in a desolate wasteland at the water’s edge. Surrounding them are countless lost souls, adrift and purposeless. A vessel emerges on the horizon, guided by a disheveled figure at its helm—Charon, the Ferrier of souls. “Awaken The Ancients” is designed to be a complete listening experience, guiding the audience from Realm I: Affliction through the treacherous Realm II: Affirmation.

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