NEWS: Cancervo dine on the occult once more!

The chronicling the myths and legends that surround Monte Cancervo, a mountain in Bergamo Italy, remains the inspiration for the riffs to worship as Doom mountaineers Cancervo announce their third album “III“. While the occult narratives of their land remained strong on the bands sophomore record, it also abandoned the psych moments of the first album while bringing in vocals for the first time. The first single is “Sacrilegious Mass“. Pre-orders for the 29th March via Electric Valley Records, including limited edition vinyl pressings are available over at bandcamp.

The band comment: “The Sacrilegious Mass, celebrated in Val Vedra, is an ancient story about a herdsman and his rebellion against the conventions that required him to go down to the village for the celebration of Holy Mass. The brave man decided to create an altar and celebrate a sacrilegious mass that was interrupted by God. All the presents were engulfed in flames and bound for eternity to the underworld.

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