Playthrough: “Cleanse With Fire” from Kelevra!

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh Napalm in the morning? An all strings playthrough video for “Cleanse With Fire” by Canadian Progressive Metal outfit Kelevra finds guitarist duo Brett Forst and Mat Yarotski opposite bassist Adrienne Mahoney ahead of the 8th March release of their third record “Oneiric“. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

The band comment: “This track is always an absolute technical burner to play – showcasing the breakneck tempos, varied and deft leaps between riffs, searing leads, and then wide-ranging shifts in feel and technique. The single showcases everything we are known for with this one – from all-out aggression one minute, undeniable grooves, and unexpected progressive and spacious explorations the next. The frantic and frenzied nature of the song reflects the ticking clock towards doomsday, and the listener must reconcile their place amidst the madness.

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