Review: “Ascension Of The Entombed” by Overthrow

Running on themes of War, Death, Chaos, Madness and Evil, London Death Thrash outfit Overthrow have been a cause for concern since 2011, releasing their first record two years later (they call it a demo but “Wasted Existence” is an album at thirty five minutes and seven tracks). Besieged by setbacks and line up changes over the decade that followed, a couple of EPs and an album in 2021’s “Strike Down The Saviour” followed they made the decision to become a two piece with a second guitarist and bassist coming for live shows. That means their latest burnt offering, EP “Ascension Of The Entombed” is the work of guitarist and vocalist Jay White (ex-Level Headed) alongside drummer Scott Lindsay (Xelas, ex-Mechanized Dirge) alone…

Farewell, happy fields, Where joy forever dwells! Hail, horrors! hail, Infernal World! and thou, profoundest Hell, Receive thy new possessor!” Satan’s speech from Paradise Lost introduces the the title track “Ascension of the Entombed” in true low budget hammer horror movie style before a riff of classic Death Metal proportions rattles in from White. The choice has been to opt for a raw edged, almost cavernous sound and it works well for the track, giving it a real darkness while not taking anything away from the quality of the performances. Make no bones about it, Scott Lindsay’s is an extreme metal drummer of immense skill and power, his demonstration on this track alone enough to ensure that any Death Metal, Black Metal or otherwise band from the upper echelons seeking a replacement should come calling. The fills are perfectly executed as he lays own an wave of covering fire for White to spit a tale of death, dying and the damned. His riffs are from a classic playbook, the blackened edges helping create a genre tour de force and his vocals are equally befitting a monster of this magnitude as the dead rise from their tombs to walk the streets, seeking vengeance against those who put them in their graves.

Having given the discerning listener that initial lethal dose, “Lords of Xibalba” thunders in with devastating effect the sinister riffs and caustic vocals continuing the ascension to another realm of pain. The ears bleed as the brain haemorrhages and yet the darkness feels heaven sent. There is nothing quite like a building yard brick fight between friends and “Ruptured Nebula” is that kind of bludgeoning, a rampage through the darkness by flaming torch light. White’s storytelling abilities are as glorious as the riffs he bestows upon us and here he reaches some bowel clenching hitherto unheard new lows vocally before pulling a metaphorical bloodstained rabbit with a broken neck from the magicians hat with a ripper of a solo to offset the intensity of the pulverising rhythms. Another atmospheric introduction brings “Caustic Vengeance (Blindly Driven)” back from the dead before kerosene is poured on the flames and Lindsay roars into life, another restless and relentless display from the drum stool giving White the backbone he needs to deliver a slab of inspired Blackened Death Metal with a surprising amount of groove. A melancholic piece of lead in the centre soars between a couple of gang chanted moments to set this one apart and ensure that this is something you can’t do without [8.5/10]

Track Listing

1. Ascension of the Entombed
2. Lords of Xibalba
3. Ruptured Nebula
4. Caustic Vengeance (Blindly Driven)

Ascension Of The Entombed” by Overthrow was released on 13th October 2023 via Redefining Darkness Records and is available over at bandcamp.

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