NEWS: Adelon premier “Fleshless Vertebrae”!

With the release of their debut EP “Resurgence” just days away on 21st June, Swiss purveyors of Progressive Technical Death Metal Adelon have released a second single in “Fleshless Vertebrae” from the collection. We were fortunate enough to review that one for you ahead of time and this cut features a saxophone solo by Bastian Köhli that is utterly spellbinding.

Multi instrumentalist Quentin Landolt comments: “The lyrics in this song are about climate change and more specifically, what would happen if a huge catastrophe happened and would force us to change the very foundation of our anatomy in order to survive. 

The line “Every season changes its motion, natural wisdom” means that the Earth will regulate itself regardless of what we want/think if needed. We might not get acclimated to those changes though. The phrase “Ancient beings whisper their secrets, scattered to the wind, legends of the older one become real” is our way of showing the hypothetical danger of old viruses or sickness stuck in the permafrost that would be released in the air if the ice kept melting.

For this EP, we worked with Alex Sedin who co-produced, mixed and mastered the final product. Alex helped shape different layers in these songs, like adding synths here and there, which is something we did not do at this extent before. In the end, those synth elements became a big part of the EP, giving a wider soundscape depending on the part. For this song, we also added some orchestra and choir at the end, in order to give an epic finale to the song. It’s by far one of our most diverse sounding tracks to date.”

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