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Interview: Gojira on The Downbeat Podcast!

In this week’s episode of The Downbeat Podcast series Stray From The Path drummer Craig Reynolds meets one of his heroes in Mario Duplantier, the drummer of French metal titans Gojira. Aside from chat about what it takes to reach new heights of musicianship, Duplantier also talks about jamming with a legend like Metallica frontman

Interview: Ov Sulfur talk “The Burden Ov Faith” with Heavy New York!

Elected representative and guitarist Chase Wilson spoke to Heavy New York about his bands Technical Blackened Deathcore offering “The Burden Ov Faith” ahead of its 24th March arrival via Century Media. Crafted alongside producer Morgoth Beatz (Winds of Plague, Scarlxrd), then mixed and mastered by maestro Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, Tallah), Ov Sulfur then had former

Exclusive Interview: Veil Of The Serpent talk “Galley Of Sin”!

Originally conceived in 2020 by guitarist and engineer Gene and his son, drummer Felix (who now manages the group), the pair found American vocalist and lyricist JD Stafford a year later and together forged their evil plans as they began their journey down the left hand path as Veil Of The Serpent. For their debut

Interview: Gideon talk “More Power. More Pain.” with Heavy New York!

Tearing across North America since 9th February with Orthodox, Guerilla Warfare and For The Fallen Dreams in tow, it is not until 17th March that Equal Vision Records will unleash “More Power. More Pain.” from Metallic Hardcore heavyweights Gideon. In the meantime the rhythm section of bassist Caleb Derusha and drummer Jake Smelley spoke to

Exclusive Interview: Veska talk “Unbound”!

“Born of a vision of a world truly free, Unbound offers a path to liberation from the shackles placed upon us from birth. Be it spiritual or mundane, we are all to an extent bound by the delusions of the world around us. Unbound brings to the forefront that we have the power to break

Interview: August Burns Red talk “Death Below” with Heavy New York!

August Burns Red drummer Matt Griener seems to be the man of the moment, appearing quite literally everywhere this past week. The Philadelphia Pennsylvanian Metalcore heroes have their 10th studio album “Death Below” firmly in the sights with Griener credited a lyricist for the second single from that in “Reckoning“. Then Drumforge and Atrium Audio