Submissions 2018 & 2019

Albums Reviewed by Submission in 2019


“Back To The Green Zone” EP by Road Mutant
“Viaje” by Far Away
“All Roads Lead To Where You Stand” EP by The Great Lie
“Diffidia” EP by Eddie Bunker
“Promo 2019” EP by Ritual Bash
“Get Lost” by Wandering Vagrant


“Human” by Derelict Dream
“Cult of The Like” by By Will Alone
“Societal Sects” EP by Kinkshamer
“Worships” by Without Skin
“New Beginnings” EP by Median Insight
“Endless” by Scarlet Dress
“Metamorphosis” EP by Chrysarmonia
Sink or Swim” EP by Luca


“Rock Bottom” by Scream Blue Murder
“Wheel of Fortune” by Terrific Verdict
“As Summer Dies” by Hartsbane
“Away From Black Days” by Nonsense
“Self titled” EP by Progeny of Sun
“at odds” EP by atWood


“Hate Delivery” by Feelament
“Very Heepy Very Purple VIII” by Avi Rosenfeld
“Aligned to the Grid” by Godhead Machinery
“Relics” by SixStringNoise
“Kingdom of Mine” EP by Blutfeld
“Breathe” EP by Downfall
“Wheel of Time” EP by Kavoid
“An Cath (The Battle)” EP by Dratna


“Last Standing Village” EP by God’s Bastard
“Dragon of the Ages” by Grimgotts
“Non Flesh Scarring” by Ovaryrot
“Self Titled” EP by Absalom
“Self Titled” by Inhuman Nature
“Dead of Night” by Night Screamer


“World Has No Pity For Fools” EP by Earthfall
Nails” by The Silence Between Us
“The Edge of the End” by Tigerleech
“LV1” by Leo Viridi
“Kinahmia” by Goatskullt
“Global Enslavement” by Massive Slavery
“Expansion of Reality” by Grim Existence


“The Eighth Colour of Rainbow” EP by GlassGate
“Model Citizen” by Hammerhands
“Cult” by The Lowest
Worldwide Negative” by Krysthla
“Self titled” EP by Far From Refuge
“Dark Fields” by God Shaped Devil
“XXV” by Solitary
“Dark Tranquility” by Threering


“Lair” by VOVK
“Wine, Song and Sacrifice” by Sanguinary Trance
“Necessary Evil” by 25th Mission
“Contrast” by Core System
“Self Titled” EP by Abstracademy
“Above Empires” by Aktaion
“Genesis Vol 666” by Northern Genocide
“Two One Three” by Inherit The Stars
“Dead End” by Morose
“Neon Devil” by Doc Hammer


“Tales of the Fallen” by Mythos
“Effigy” by Winterblind
“Transmission II” by Enigmatic
“Pariahs” by Alienator
“Old Stardust, Love and Chaos” by Juliet Ruin
“Siren” by Blackstar Halo
“Worthless” by DAO
“Beauty Is A Destructive Angel” by Renounced
“Smoke And Mirrors” by The Colony
“Acheron” by Voice Of Ruin


“Pre-Mediated” by TripleMurder
“Guided” by Confessions of a Traitor
“Fearless” by VALLEYS
“Bitter Wisdom” by Living Monstrosity
“Alter Nature” by BATS
“Thresholds” by The Curse Of Millhaven
“Paradigm” by More Than Machines
“The Pleasures That Lead” by Cleansing
“Of Snow And Blood” by Glacial Coffin
“152” EP by Dimman
“Chaos Machine” by Enemynside
“Insufferable Humanity” by Arbre Mort
“Deadringer” by Meltdown
“Self Titled” by Blackheath
“Beast” EP by Elysian Divide
“Incoming Transmission” by The Jibbons


“Ram” by Charlene Beretah
“Call For Justice” 7″ by Coldside
“Projections” EP by Litost
“Salutogenesis” by Soulsplitter
“Don’t Close Your Eyes” by JumpScare
“Delerium” by Together In Tragedy
“Dimensions” by Artistic
“Born Of Hatred” by Deface
“Entropy In The Mind” by Thermodynamite
“Reset” EP by Navian
“Rebirth” by Cynical Existence
“SisuKastraatio I & II” by TakaLaiton
“Dimensions” by Aristic
“Harvesting Our Decay” by Third Chamber
“Ruminant” EP by Lapsarian
“Laws of Aggression” EP by Psychosane
“Elder Sun” by Dizastra
“Food Of The Gods” by Nothing Is Sacred
“New Load Continue” by Geschlecht


“Blood Of The Dead” by DII Minores
“The Prophecy” by Deathless
“Garden of Starvation” by Man’n Sin
“Feed Me Violence” by Must Not Kill
“Scared Off The Streets” by Pressure Pact
“Angry, Undead” by The Flaying
“Self Titled” by UnCrowned
“Mountains And Darkness” by Northwind Wolves
“Garden of Starvation by Man ‘n Sin
“My Last Words” by Threering
“Spurvehauk” by Skarntyde
“Turning To Dust” by Heruka
“Unlimited Energy” by Karmatik
“Destroyed & Rebuilt” by Growling Thunder

Albums Reviewed by Submission in 2018

“Moon Phases” EP by Dizorder
“Orias” EP by Prey Upon
“Clair Obscur” by It Came From Beneath
“Umwelt” by All My Memories
“Master Of Giallo” by Obszön Geschöpf
“Holes” by Unleash the Pain

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