Submissions 2021

Albums Reviewed by Submission for 2021!


“Grave Of The Condemed King” from Befell
“Sacrificial Gore” by Trench Foot
“Vile” by H.O.U.N.D.S
“Harm(ony) Within” by Empyreal Sorrow
“Ways Of The Pack” by Wolftopia
“Time Fracture” by Lotrify
“Prey” by On My Command
“Extracelestial Ruin” by Daedalus Blade
“In The Throes” by Whipworm
“Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds” by Phobetor
“Prophecy” by Crowen
“Darkest Days” by Sinful Ways
“Santa Hipocresía” by Rat King
“Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught” by Stabbing
“A Trinity Of Rage” by Hammerdrone
“Immortal” by Inexorable
“Mechalith” by Djinn-Ghül
“Lichtvrees” by Doodswens
“Still See Ghosts” by E.B. & The Deadlights


“Excerpts From the Dark Age” by Gomorran
“The Holocene Termination” by Demonstealer
“All That I Am, Laid Out in Front of Me” by Akimbria
“Horizon” by Crowdown
“Blessed By The Light Of A Thousand Stars” by Servant
“Dead End Pt. 2” by WarCall
“Concordance” by Varius
“Beware The Snake” by Alera
“An Evening With Imperial Triumphant” by Imperial Triumphant
“Midnights Abyss” by Neverworld
“Alone” by Kaali
“Glamorise Demise” by Headwreck
“Cosmos” by Navian
“Moonflowers” by Swallow The Sun
“Death, Madness, Horror, Decay” by The Lurking Fear
“Reanimated” by Consecration
“System Of Division” by As Light Decays
“Ausland” by Rhine
“The Path of Human Existence” by Downfall of Mankind
“Hideous Entity” by Hyperdontia
“Somnambulant Foregoer” by Delphian
“Into Blackness” by Bonded
“Corpus” by Astrophobos
“Reborn” by Usquam
“Persecution” by Autokrator
“Interstellar” by Apollo Stands
“Origin” by Omnium Gatherum
“Heed the Call” by Sirens Bay


“We All Will Die One Day” by Bone Tower
“Skin ’em Alive” by Ruttenskalle
“Resurgence” by Bleed Again
“Ancestral Cult” by Arde
“The Wordless Whisper” by An Unction in Braille
“Kraken” by Fathom Farewell
“Insurrection” by Helgrind
“Life Is Pain” by Death Blooms
“Burden” by Last Hounds
“Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling” by Reawacan
“3rd Degree – The Raising” by Gemini Syndrome
“The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood” by Ice Nine Kills
”Måsstaden Under Vatten” by VILDHJARTA
“The Curse” by Snakeblade
“Negative Transfer” by Nür
“Inquisition” by Muertissima
“Wardance” by Stheno
“Becoming Immanence” by Earthwomb
“Ov Behest” by Anima Hereticae
“Vacua” by Every Hour Kills
“Oxymoron” by Spiritual Deception
“Purgatory” by Razoreater


“Galgenbrok” by Schavot
“Rebirth” by Enquire Within
“Nihil Obstat” by Betrayme
“Aces Wild” by Sadistic Force
“The Enemy Inside” by Warside
“The Living World Can’t See” by Destruction Of The Healer
“II” by Funeral For Two
“Morbid Delusions” by Nefariym
“Last Contact” by Withering Soul
“Deimos Falling” by Orbstruct
“Born Free” by CroMagnum
“Nervures” by Michel Anoia
“Concealment” by Knowledge Through Suffering
“Relicta” by Catalysis
“Planet Storm MMXXI” by Anomaly
“Calculating Failure” by Existentia
“Argent Moon” by Insomnium
“Vákuum” by Teitan
“Excommunica” by Argesh
“The Broken Seal” by LVCIFYRE
“Detonation” by Mutant Blast
“Consequences” by Aeons
“ManiaCult” by Aborted
“The Architecture Of Oppression” by Dominicide
“Tevras” by Goatskullt
“Awake” by Rituals
“Bury The Bones” by Down Again
“Death Of Divinity” by Foreign Pain


“Crimson Gauze” by Croword
“Selenophile Impia” by Ouija
“Blasphemous Thoughts” by Demonicera
“Nightmare Eclipse” by Toxic Ruin
“Purity of Corruption” by Feral Lord
“Past Lives” by Sonus Mortis
“Forge Your Future” by Spirit Adrift
“H8” by M.O.D. ClassicTK
“Forsaken Dynasty” by Blasphemous Creation
“Colors II” by Between The Buried And Me
“The Tenebrous Mist” by Coffin Breath
“Decorticated Burial Of Delirium” by Borboropsis
“Noise Worship Propaganda” by Hellbomb
“Kostolom” by Slaughter To Prevail
“…And I Return To Nothingness” by Lorna Shore
“Secrypts of the Egochasm” by Vaelmyst
“Embers Gathering” by Fleshbore
“Burning In Exile” by Infex
“Ghost Dust” by All Life Dies
“A Hundred Voices” by Ruina
“Splatterpunk” by Scarecrow
“The Redemptive End” by GROZA
“Sentient” by Insurgent
“Disavowal Of The Creator God” by Burn In Hell
“Fight For Us” by Ophelia’s Eye


“The Silver Lining Between the Stars” by Chaos Over Cosmos
“Time To Pass Away” by Dantalion
“The Ultimate Dream. Plan B: Disposal Of Humanity” by Brilliant Coldness
“Devastating Synergy” by Mariner
“Creatio ex Nihilo” by Grohot
“Songs and Tales of Grievance” by Dimman
“Descent” by Moon Reaper
“Exhumed Information” by Fulci
“Self Titled” by Demetra’s Scars
“Delete. Repeat.” by Band Of Bastards
“Make Over” by Aristic
“Self Titled” by Blight Town
“Malevolent Thoughts Of A Hastened Extinction” by Cognitive
“Bullet Proof” by Dear Mother
“Paradoxus” by Inhuman Architects
“Desolate” by Ophidian I
“My Dystopia” by Mortyfear
“Achrony” by Elderblood
“Aporia” by Internal Conflict
“Daemones Ceramici” by Solus Ex Inferis
“Oblivion” by Scattered Storm
“Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando” by Mayhem
“Pretty Ugly People” by Headspawn
“An Ethereal Force Beyond” by Evil-In
“Congregation Pestilence” by Drawn And Quartered
“Box of Frogs (Poison)” by Abstractian


“It Never Ends” by NULL
“Angel or Alien” by Born Of Osiris
“The Nightmare Of Being” by At The Gates
“Masquerade Among Gods” by Godhead Machinery
“Coffinized” by The Absence
“Serpent & Spirit” by Urne
“Rip Tide” by Suffer Yourself
“Into Madness” by Apogean
“Doctrine of Misanthropy” by Prayers Of Sanity
“Human Failures” by Catharsis
“Place Of Anarchy” by Vesicarum
“Death Rectangle” by Draemora
“A Monument To Silence” by Alustrium
“Process of Extinction” by Bloodbeat
“Aspect Of Creation” by Param-Nesia
“Slower” by Neker
“OMNI” by Another Now
“Never Prick my Pickles” by Smokeheads
“Age of the Solipsist” by Mother of All
“Desecration Rite” by Vulture Lord
“Not that Godly” by Godgiven
“Dark Wanderer” by Progeny of Sun
“Battering Ram” by La Nausée
“The Bestiary” by Cyclops Cataract


“Neon God” by Prey Drive
“Casus Belli” by Entrenchment
“In The Wake Ov Sòl” by Worm Shepherd
“Sleepless” by Karpenter
“Journey Into Madness” by Curse of Eibon
“Pages” by Eclipser
“Decennium Ruinae” by Unfathomable Ruination
“The Violence Sessions” by Kill The Imposter
“Behind” by Engraver
“Age Of Curse” by Lord Of Pagathorn
“Deadwood” by Red Antlers
“Dream of Ascension” by Tooth And Claw
“Culling Culture” by Vexed
“Vital Alchemy” by Nahaya
“Solitude” from Befell
“From The Ashes” by Coiled Around Thy Spine
“Isle” by Millstone
“Rise To Nothing” by The Bleeding
“End Of The Line” by Against Evil
“Radical Absolution” by Crawling Manifest
“Maleza” by Bala
“Zeitgeister” by Caliban
“Self Titled” by Huminoid
“Demo MMXX” by Disrotten
“Varþnaþer” by Åskog
“Loss” by Osiah
“Ashes Of Dead Worlds” by In Asymmetry
“The Purity of Grief” by No Light Escapes
“Lost” by Soothsayer


“Ritual Warfare” by Temtris
“Mind Atlas” by The Cartographer
“The Fallen Pillars” by As We Suffer
“Failures Vol: 2” by My Latest Failure
“Self Titled” by The Vulture
“Self Titled” by Desolate Realm
“Mournfall” by Old Forests
“Experiments in Warfare” by Death Chamber
“Dead End Pt. 1” by WarCall
“Self Titled” by Skorb
“LV-426” by Hideous Divinity
“Masters Of Perplexity” by Fragmentum
“Cursed Be Thy Kingdom” by Bewitcher
“Sleeps Society” by While She Sleeps
“Arsonist” by Havelocke
“Empiricism” by Incarceration
“ΤΕΦΡΑ” by Penny Coffin
“News Feed” by Primal Creation
“Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä” by Dark The Suns
“Dysphoria” by Termina
“The Pilgrimage” by No Hope For The Lost
“In Absence” by Cathartic Demise
“Lawless To Grave” by Purgatory
“Failures Vol: 1” by My Latest Failure
“Titanomachy” by Tides Of Kharon


“Mount of the Congregation” by Karma Violens
“At Her Majesty’s Pleasure” by Borstal
“Ravens Call” by Obscure Fate
“Not At All” by Eurkuh
“” by Ghosts of Atlantis
“Dividing The Double Helix” by Synastry
“Black Thrash Mass” by Wratheon
“Bionic Swarm” by Cryptosis
“Dark Water” by Juliet Ruin
“Magenta” by I At Last
“Inside” by Next Door To Heaven
“Emerge” by Everture
“Mechanical Temple” by Aois Innealan
“(I)” by Phallosopher
“Rise To Remain” by May The Tempest
“The Grotesque Arena” by Feculent
“Sauna” by Mirzadeh
“Blood Libel” by Sleepless
“A History Of Nomadic Behavior” by EYEHATEGOD
“F*** Everything” by Death Blooms
“Kill Grid” by Enforced
“The Artist” by Strei
“Beset By False Prophets” by Twitch of the Death Nerve
“Blackened Sky” by Rioghan
“2020” by Hellfound
“Chapters” by Thy Enemy
“Red Giant” by Lucius Fox
“A Pale Blue Dot” by Dreamshade
“Dead Dreams” by Recall The Remains


“Curse of Autumn” by Witherfall
“Self Titled” by Army Of One
“Another Day in Helvete” by R.A.T.S
“Ascendant Blasphemy” by Plague Weaver
“Agony” by Wych
“A Shadow Of What Once Was” by Wolvencrown
“Holy Defy” by Anzeria
“Mӕre” by Harakiri For The Sky
“Self Titled” by Catercorner
“Between the Glimpses of Hope” by Ephemerald
“At Our End” by Lair
“Love Eternally” by Filthy Crook
“Myths” by Detritus
“Pelon Varjo” by Vainoa
“S.C.A” by Feast on the Fallen
“T.U.R.I.N.” by This Is Turin
“The Futility Of Man” by Tectonic Displacement
“Liber K” by Lam
“Degenesis” by Colossus
“Self Titled” by Angelus Apatrida
“Lych Milk” by Zebadiah Crowe


“Nano 3000” by Sintax
“Apart” by Cornea
“Stronger Than All” by Aguzzi
“Conjourments” by King Baal
“Dress Code Blood” by Mordkaul
“Ignis Sacer” by Regnvm Animale
“The Fatal Flaws of Humankind” by Beyond Extinction
“Pillars of Faith” by Escarion
“H8 4All” by Kriegsgott
“Natas Liah” by Hell-Born
“Cortex” by Mindwork
“Necroceros” by Asphyx
“Cortex” by Mindwork
“Natas Liah” by Hell-Born
“Ass To Mars” by Kwato
“For The Sick – ReWorks” by Red Method
“Transmission I” by Enigmatical
“Transmission III” by Enigmatical
“Thálassa” by Delirant Chaotic Sound
“No Puppets” by Kick Me Out
“Crypt of Ice” by Frozen Soul
“Live Lies Truth Dies” by Stitchfork
“Before” by Obsidian
“Rubedo” by Shuulak

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