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Albums Reviewed by Submission for 2022!


“Somewhere Between Order and Chaos” by Ephemera
“Prolog” by Varmia
“Carnage for the Gods” by Carnified
“Dragged Through Glass” by Throat Locust
“Aspire To Survive” by Severed Illusions
“Hades” by Clairvoyance
“Nails” by Willem Dafrend
“Crossing Spirits” by Drakh
“Vol. III” by Godwatt
“Shadow Kingdom” by Chamber of Mirrors
“Dog Chain” by Native
“Phobos / Monolyth” by dark_matter
“The Waves Have Teeth” by Floating
“Black Sun” by Død Håp
“Cunning Punts” by xygrbryrx
“Condemned” by Beneath The Embers
“Extirpated Mortal Process” by Stabbing
“The Bilious Hues of Gloom” by Wolok
“Monument” by Onhou
“Nihilistic Rustbelt Black Metal II” by Xenomorph
“Asking To Be Killed” by Nighnacht
“Dead by the Dawn” by Autumn’s Grief
“The Final Plague” by Death Reich
“Empires Of Ash” by Heron
“Death To All Tyrants” by Nihilist Death Cult


“Burn” by Messora
“Collapse The Mountain” by Sonus Mortis
“Doomsday Psalm” by Dystopia A.D.
“Singin’ in the Pain” by Necrodeath
“Regrets” by Alienatör
“Diversum” by In The Woods…
“All That We Seem” by Moeror
“Self Titled” by Grave With A View
“Seventh Secular Crusade” by Nazghor
“Part One” by Vitalivour
“The Summoning” by Omnifariam
“It Lives” by Blight Town
“In Darkness Alone” by Scars of the Flesh
“Descendant” by A Titan A Deity
“Riptide” by Crest
“Reconstruction” by Xeno
“Perpetuate” by Roll Call
“The Pecking Order” by Hedra
“Rituals of Death” by Casket Robbery
“Radillac” by Skin Failure
“Carnage Funeral” by Bonecarver
“A Dream if Ever There Was One” by Chaos Over Cosmos
“In This Dying Sun” by Scattered Storm
“Sacrament Of The Sick” by Furthest From The Light
“A Mother’s Curse” by Strychnos
“A Fate Unbroken” by Ninth Realm
“Apechtheia” by Chestcrush
“Agony Reborn” by Gorgatron


“Black Wind” by Munitions
“Epigenesis” by Leo Romero
“Trinity” by The Gloom In The Corner
“Downfall” by Triskelyon
“Morbid Menagerie” by Gorotica
“Opus Limbonica” by Clamoris
“Last City of the East” by Sabot
“Gallery Of Sin” by Veil Of The Serpent
“Vendetta” by Lastbreath
“The Void Eternal” by Art of Attrition
“Autelmorte” by Renunciation
“Mercer 217” by Vatic
“On The Shoulders Of Gods” by Vikvanir
“Quarter Life Daydream” by Crooked Royals
“Wretched” by Dominion Of Ashes
“A Staring Contest With Mortality” by Effigy
“Self Titled” by Burker
“Comalies XX” by Lacuna Coil
“Pain Remains” by Lorna Shore
“Umbra Mortis” by She Must Burn
“Saturnian” by Obsidian Skies
“In Nomine Diaboli” by Imprecation
“Born Into War” from Law Of Power
“Lost Lives Volume 1” by Madrost
“No Great Loss” by Ritual Dictates
“Funeral Manifesto” by My Funeral
“Gold & Decay” by Upon Your Grave
“Throne Of Ash” by SARS
“Runetongue” by Cogadh
“Dream Awake” by Defects


“Descendants of Evil” by Human Compost
“Epicinium” by Brotthogg
“As The Sky Begins To Break” by Ruina
“Blood Empire” by Skelator
“Shaped by Human Frailty” by Strangle Wire
“Vespera” by Godeater
“Ceremorphosis” by Proceed On Your Way To Oblivion
“At the Center of It All – Chapter I” by Eternal Closure
“Infatuating Sickness” by Oxalate
“Shared Nightmares” by Gnash
“Torch” by Otus
“Chiroptera” by Algebra
“Convergence” by Miscreance
“Scales And Details” by Somehow Jo
“The Path To Bedlam” Sublation
“Self Titled” by Kargyr
“Human” by Anti-Clone
“Harbinger” by Deformatory
“The Proffer Of Light” by Praise The Sun
“Of Shades And Colours” by Meteora
“Murder Ballads” by Jack 13’s Panzercrow
“Natura” by Symbolical
“Malefactors” Split EP by Boundless Chaos & Idle Ruin
“Igne” by Symbolical
“Be The Fire And Wish For The Wind” by Toxicon
“Heart Set Stone” by Mantic Ritual
“Tyrannicide” by Asylum


“Show Me The Signs” by Rituals
“Self Titled” by State Of You
“Apotheosis” by Sobriquet
“End of Ordovicia” by Silurian
“Dynamotive” by D_Drive
“Elan Vital” by Anchillys
“Mors Est Veritas” by Imperathron
“Eradication” by Eaten By Sharks
“Exile” by Intent
“Lonely If You Go” by fallfiftyfeet
“חשֶׁךְ” by Acid UFO Death Cult
“20th Centuries Gone” by Spirit Adrift
“Darkest Corners” by Buried Under Sky
“Pressure Points” by Aniimalia
“Anti-Tank Dogs” by Wolfbrigade
“Scorched Realm” by Glacial Coffin
“Abhorrent Obsessions” by Carrion Vael
“Toxoplasmosis” by Slaves of Dissonance
“With the Rats and Snakes” by Primitive
“Ei Hauta Kysy Lupaa” by Hautajaisyö
“The Relationship Between the Hammer and the Nail” by Ether Coven
“Red Part 1” by Too Much Said The Nature
“All Virtues Ablaze” by Liminal Shroud
“Self Titled” by Become the Apex


“Necromantic” by Draconian Reign
“Storms Over The Dying World” by Sacred Sin
“Symptoms of Modern Hegemony” by Scary Hours
“Darkness Of Now” by Fall and Resist
“Stories Untold (Chapter I)” by Whispers In The Maze
“Fuel the Fire” by Tonic Breed
“Self Titled” by Imperium
“Out Of The Woods” by Ewigkeit
“Starlight And Ash” by Oceans Of Slumber
“Suffer To Rise” by Voluntary Mortification
“Only The Dead Know Our Secrets” by Mosara
“Cavernous Depths” by Battlegrave
“Primogenitum” by Buriality
“Self Titled” by Mortal Chains
“Consuming The Light” by Eihort
“Fossilized” by Cruentus
“Fearsick” by Inhuman Condition
“The Wound, The Blade” by ATLVS
“The Holy Water” by Witnesses
“Self Titled” by Mercury’s Well
“Blood For Heaven” from Spektrvm
“Coagulating Mirth” by The Atrophic
“To Be Alive” by Gutlocker
“Self Titled” by Void Witch
“Moral Obscenity” by Trench Foot
“Kreated In Blood” by Zarraza


“Servants of the Outer Dark” by Thirteen Goats
“Sociopathology” by A Lie Nation
“The Sorrow We Sow, The Hatred We Know” by Suffer
“Mara | Mondrem” by Copse
“Self Titled” by BrainBath
“Innova” by Catalysis
“Liberosis” by I Fight Bears
“Vanguards of Misrule” by Defiant
“Born To Fall” by Guillotine A.D.
“Spears Of The Aten” by Tyrannos
“Gang Called Speed” by Speed
“Cinis” by Consecration
“Self Titled” by Brutta
“Forever Nothing” by Weaponry
“Through The Vale of Earthly Torment” by Truent
“Imperious” by Inexorable
“2022 EP” by Turn Cold
“Thrown Into The Abyss” by Vølus
“Having Fun At Gunpoint” by Good Cop
“Cold Are The Graves” by Monasterium
“Unethical Creations” by Malfested
“Self Titled” by Vanitas
“Elysian Inferno” by Berator
“Sentient (Chapter 1)” by Stellar Death
“Self Titled” by Trendkill Inc
“The Fabricated Monolith“ by Amongst the Ashes
“Self Titled” by Bury The Kingdom
“Self Titled” by Buried Realm


“Chrysalis” by Ekoa
“Vile Retribution” by Iron Tomb
“Revelations” by Doubting Thompson
“Alt Skal Svinne Hen…” by Likheim
“Bury Your Demons” by Where the Devil
“Breed Death” by Sensory Amusia
“The Rise & Fall” by Nouve//es
“Changer Of Destiny” by Astral Horror
“Enter The Realm” by Ethereal Realm
“Cyclic” by One Human Less
“Colour the Soul” by Unbowed
“The Void And The Vengeance” by Thy Kingdom Will Burn
“Reunite The Darkness” by Dark Archive
“Servants Of Violence” by Casket Feeder
“Self Titled” by Sailor Hunter
“Kanawha Black” by Nechochwen
“Of Lineages Long Forgotten” by Katharos
“The Foul Deth of Engelond” by Sacred Son
“The infinity of non​-​existence” by eyesnomouth
“Complete Control” by Misery Index
“Inner Pyre” by Oratory
“Circle” by Where’s My Bible
“Self Titled” by Harvested
“Decade of Silence” by Depressed Mode
“Quietus” by And Hell Followed With
“Upside Down” by STELL/\RIS
“Orisons of Vengeance” by Molten Chains


“Memoir” by Kneel Before The Death
“Under Serpents Reign” by Deathcrush
“Shine & Fade” by Saviour
“Scrutiny” by Beyond The Structure
“Organized Hate” by Last Wishes
“Ad Infinitum” by Raze
“Sleepless” by Ceased Sunfire
“Unslayable” by Tyrannus
“Succumb To Rot” by Corpsessed
“A Hell In Living Flesh” by Flayed Disciple
“The Hunger” by The Scum
“Hopeless World” by Ophelia’s Eye
“Atma Conflux” by Abstracted
“Via Aetera” by Hurakan
“Paradise” by Doc Hammer
“Host Desecration” by Sleepless
“Blood & Spirit” by Nonsun
“In Stasis” by Monuments
“The Colour Of Crisis” by The Daily Chase
“Spirit From The Void” by Kaamos Warriors
“As A Unit” by Hagalas
“Deadly Intrusions” by Skumstrike
“Self Titled” by Burial Curse
“Fighting The Monsters” by My Hollow
“Hiljaisuus” by Mustasuo


“Immutable” by Meshuggah
“Adorned In Ruin” by Golgothan Remains
“Theos-Haimaton” by Third Nail
“Nothingness” by Incriya
“Transformer Treatment” by Necrodeath
“Abandonment // I Want To Be Well” from The Hope Burden
“Aeons Effigy” by Falamh
“Alone In Death” by Crown Magnetar
“In Disbelief” by Hilltops Are For Dreamers
“A Plague On All Your Houses” by Hellblind
“Eat The Rich” by Promethean Reign
“Post War” by Powar
“Ulter Praefinitum” by Wretched Tongues
“No Rest” by Joshua Travis
“The Void” by Crown of Madness
“Goddess” by SLAEGT
“Celestial Extinction” by Cryptivore
“Fear Of Living” by Indemon
“Close” by Messa
“Trespasser” by Idol Of Fear
“Pillaging Villagers” by Pillaging Villagers
“Sturdy As An Oak” by Mamorlis
“Blackest Insurrection” by Sidious
“Aarnihauta” by Kouta
“Hostile Resistance” by Midnight Bullet
“The War To End All Wars – History Edition” by Sabaton
“Machine Blood” by NORD
“All That Was Promised” by Hath


“The Hierarchical Ecological Succession: Welcome to the Food Chain!” by Troglodyte
“Nihil” by eyesnomouth
“The Bringer Of Light” by Obscurcis Romancia
“Curse Of The Pharaoh” by Humator
“Unity In Time” by Schemata Theory
“Flesh Of A Saint” by Dark Worship
“Say When” by Collected
“2021 Promo” by Brethren
“In the Shadow of the Lighthouse” by Sirens Bay
“Abyss Rising” by Nightrage
“Mortal Burden” by OvDeth
“Catalyst II” by Catalyst
“Project Darkmatter” by Darkmatter
“Kundalini Rising” by MÆNTRA
“Backlash” by Perpetual
“Flight Among the Tombs” by Theandric
“Halo” by Amorphis
“Jawbreaker” by Mainbrain
“Back To The Seeds” by Dead Tree Seeds
“Deadlock” by InVisions
“Summary Execution” by Bludgeoned
“The Art Of A Maniac” by Tymo
“Vessels Of Grief” by The Final Sleep
“Shadow Synthesis” by Solarhead


“Feast of Blood” by Bat Magic
“Black Canvas” by Kill All The Gentlemen
“Self Titled” by Triskelyon
“Black Cowslip” by Rabid Dogs
“Origins” by Depleted Uranium
“Crusader” by Mantic Ritual
“Rex Mortem” by Burned In Effigy
“Daily Reminders” by Kingseeker
“Self Titled” by Jera
“At The Gates Of Hell” by Bullet Ride
“The Showdown” by Browbeat
“What Have We Done” by Weaponry
“Deadweight” by Immurge
“Quantum Evolution Event” by Ilium
“Antebellum” by Fixed Fight
“There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road” by Wiegedood
“Hammer The Bastards” by Wolfbastard
“Order Of Chaos” by Descent
“Crush The Weak” by Drowning In Blood
“Ritual” by Murderhorde
“Epigone” by Wilderun
“Beyond Human Concepts” by Nihility

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