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Playthrough: “Zagreus” from Periphery!

Far from the traditional playthrough video on which you maybe able to pause, jot down and learn the notes, chords and finger positions to play the actual song, Periphery have chosen to give us what is essentially a guitar performance video directed by Ekaterina Gorbacheva for “Zagreus“. It is of course a new cut from

NEWS: For Periphery, DJent isn’t even a thang…

Seemingly admitting to their crimes against humanity Periphery have chosen to title their upcoming new album “Periphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre” before setting a release date of 10th March for it via their very own label 3DOT Recordings. That news comes with not only an obligatory music video, this time for a new

Playthrough: “Italian Boi” from Destrage!

Combining an advert for their tabs from Sheet Happens Publishing with their love of Gelato, Pizza and Guitars are Italians Destrage who will thank Stefano Galli for creating for them what is the platinum finish standard of playthrough videos in this one for “Italian Boi“. This one takes pride of place on the bands  album

Review: “Quarter Life Daydream” by Crooked Royals

“A lot of us are in our twenties, In a quarter life crisis, you’re stuck in that beginner job straight out of university. It’s about the trials and tribulations we’ve gone through writing during the Pandemic and doing those jobs. It’s about balancing the stress we all go through in our twenties. These are referred

NEWS: Crooked Royals share Counterfeit notes?

Recorded and mixed by Zorran Mendonsa (Coridian) and mastered by George Lever (Sleep Token, Loathe, Thornhill), “Counterfeit” is the latest single from the upcoming 3DOT Recordings debut of Crooked Royals as they continue to unearth harmony from unpredictability by infusing Metalcore with moments of head-spinning off-kilter Prog, alternative melodies and even nocturnal trap R&B. It’s another one cut from

NEWS: Boundaries turn to the dark side!

14th October will see the new album from Boundaries appear on Periphery owned label 3DOT Recordings as the number of impressive signings have begun to mount up, including Italian stallions Destrage. Boundaries have shared the album title track “Burying Brightness” that comes complete with an Errick Easterday directed music video for your viewing pleasure. It’s

NEWS: Crooked Royal continue to raise the alarm…

New Zealand’s Crooked Royals remain the most ambitious act signed to 3DOT Recordings (Destrage, Astronoid, Infinity Shred), the label owned by pioneering DJentlemen Periphery as they prove with another thrashing taste of their debut album ‘Quarter Life Daydream‘. Recorded and mixed by Zorran Mendonsa (Coridian) and mastered by George Lever (Sleep Token, Loathe, Thornhill), “Ill Manor” dips in and out

NEWS: Boundaries look at structural projects?

Filmed by Hunter Lenoir and Sarah Holick, a second single from Boundaries upcoming debut for 3DOT Recordings, a label created by Periphery has made its way online. Titled “Realize and Rebuild” the track takes pride of place on “Burying Brightness” which will drop on 14th October with a pair of the vinyl editions available here

NEWS: 3DOT Recordings announce new Boundaries album!

Directed by Chris Klumpp, Boundaries have dropped a music video for a new single called “Heaven’s Broken Heart“. It’s the first from a 7th October releasing album “Burying Brightness” recorded with producer Randy Leboeuf (The Acacia Strain, Kublai Khan) at Graphic Nature Audio in Belleville, New Jersey and will appear via Periphery‘s label 3DOT Recordings

NEWS: Crooked Royals shatter glass with 3DOT Recordings!

If anyone expected that the 3DOT Recordings label owned by Progressive Metal pioneering DJentlemen Periphery was simply going to be for their own musical endeavours like Haunted Shores, Bulb and King Mothership then the band have plenty of other ideas. Alongside initial signings Destrage, Astronoid and Infinity Shred they have announced the signing of Auckland New Zealand based Crooked