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Playthrough “A Clear And Present Rager” from Nuclear Power Trio!

“Dear comrades, the drum play-through for this glorious track, “A Clear and Present Rager” has been completed. I thank you for your patience as the celebration of the anniversary of my father inventing the burrito took more energy than I originally anticipated. I would like to extend my deepest thanks to everyone in attendance, especially

Playthrough: “Rosanna” from Nuclear Power Trio!

The man, the myth, the legend that is Kimmy from Nuclear Power Trio has taken some time out from his busy schedule of gigs on private planes to the nouveau riche to lay down a drum cover of 1983 hit single “Rosanna” by 70’s American Rock sensations Toto and yes, Rosanne Barr is in the

Review: “A Clear and Present Rager” by Nuclear Power Trio

Timed for release just before the US Elections, Instrumental Jazz Fusion Metal Trio Nuclear Power Trio who consist of Donald Trump on eight string guitars, Vladimir Putin on five string bass and Kim Jong on drums have been primed and ready for this moment their whole lives. Their second single and EP title track “A