Review: “A Clear and Present Rager” by Nuclear Power Trio

Timed for release just before the US Elections, Instrumental Jazz Fusion Metal Trio Nuclear Power Trio who consist of Donald Trump on eight string guitars, Vladimir Putin on five string bass and Kim Jong on drums have been primed and ready for this moment their whole lives. Their second single and EP title track “A Clear and Present Rager” caught us off guard and their Whitehouse spokes person was interviewed by Allegaeon vocalist Riley McShane there was a subtle soft porn vibe, but then the Oval office has always had that kind of air about it…

…you only need to watch the videos for “A Clear and Present Rager” and “Grab ‘Em by the Pyongyang” to know that the Nuclear Power Trio are having great fun with their debut record. Like a fully loaded Kentucky Fried Chicken Box Meal, it has all the vital ingredients to make it a success. Tongue in cheek humour aside, the tracks are polyrhythmic with rich textures and vibrant technicolour sounds not too far away from the kind of work you might expect from Animals As Leaders, Mestis or Plini. Aside from the stunning leads and funky bass, there are buried synths and even a xylophone on “The Fusion Collusion“, the up tempo meanderings and Latin moments keeping things engaging by keeping the songs short and sweet and as an EP “A Clear and Present Rager” would make for a fine soundtrack to a movie blockbuster. It has just enough heaviness it it’s frenetic fretboard work to satisfy even the most primal of Metal heads while the bass is just as prominent as the guitar work. The brilliance that is “Ukraine in the Membrane” belongs in a Spaghetti Western staring Clint Eastwood in his prime, it has a fantastic acoustic closing that is simply sublime and “Mutually Assured Seduction” is nothing short of blisteringly good. Cut from the same cloth as their 2017 self titled debut single, this is not to be missed. Oh and the rumour is that Nuclear Power Trio is a side project of Cephalic Carnage and Havok bassist Nick Schendzielos, Allegaeon guitarist Greg Burgess and Havok drummer Pete Webber. But then we’re not ones to spread Chinese whispers… [9/10]

Track listing

  1. A Clear and Present Rager
  2. Grab ‘Em by the Pyongyang
  3. The Fusion Collusion
  4. Ukraine in the Membrane
  5. Mutually Assured Seduction

A Clear and Present Rager” by Nuclear Power Trio is out now via Metal Blade Records

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